AEO Application

Gerlach is your expert for the AEO Application grant.

We support you in the application process for a successful AEO certification of your company so that you can take full advantage of the benefits of an Authorised Economic Operator.

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to the changed global security situation, the member states of the World Customs Organization have agreed on a ‘Framework of Standard to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade’, thus creating a worldwide framework for modern, effective risk management.

The AEO -“Authorised Economic Operator” serves to secure the continuous supply chain from the manufacturer of a goods to the final recipient – a kind of certificate of good conduct for a company.

The status of an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) offers many advantages to both importing and exporting companies. So that you do not risk a rejection of your application, you should always have a competent expert at your side to support you throughout the entire application process.


Your advantages when applying for an AEO with Gerlach:

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    We accompany you through the entire process – from the application to your customs audit.
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    With Gerlach you comply with the current legal in your respective country.
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    Gerlach relies on reliable, legally compliant target processes and documentation.
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    The AEO status entitles you to benefits for faster and trouble-free customs clearance and you have access to the latest customs know-how in all European countries.
Apply now for an AEO certificate

Application for AEO Approval
We get you safely through the application procedure

AEO status can be applied for by companies established in the European Union and involved in customs activities. Our experts will guide you successfully through the complete application process for AEO. For example, we carry out a “Quick Scan” and examine your logistics processes in detail. Based on the results, we recommend which AEO certification is best for your business.

There are different types of AEO certifications: “Customs Simplifications/Customs” (AEO C), “Security and Security” (AEO S) as well as the combination of both certificates “Customs Simplifications/Security” (AEO F).

The status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) is valid in all EU member states and is not limited in time.

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