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Comprehensive Guide to Import and Export Regulations

Welcome to the Gerlach Customs Knowledge Base. This resource provides essential information on navigating import and export regulations efficiently. Explore our guidelines and insights to ensure smooth customs clearance for your international shipments.

Basic Customs Knowlege

Explore the basics of customs procedures with our focused articles on Incoterms, HS codes, and more. This section offers clear and practical insights to help you understand foundational customs concepts essential for global trading.

Customs Power of Attorney

What is a Customs Power of Attorney?

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Commercial Invoice

Why Is a Commercial Invoice Crucial for Global Trade Transactions?

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Certificate of Origin

Why Are Certificates of Origin Essential for International Trade?

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What Are Incotermsยฎ 2020 and How Do They Impact International Trade Transactions?

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HS Code

What is an HS Code and How to Find and Use It?

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