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Knowledge Base – Binding Tariff Information Minimise your risks with a Binding Tariff Information (BTI)11.11.2021 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook Commodity codes are at the heart of international trade. One of the essential things when it comes to a customs declaration is the correct classification of the goods in code numbers / customs
Knowledge Base – China imports to Sweden Three relevant insights when importing from China to Sweden25.09.2020 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook China is Sweden’s 5th largest source for imports. Importing goods among others consist of e.g. electrical equipment, machinery, furniture, apparel etc. Here is what you need to know when importing from China
Knowledge Base – Control Tower How a Customs Control Tower increases the efficiency of your supply chain27.07.2020 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook A Customs Control Tower offers you a comprehensive overview of your customs activities. This allows you to monitor them, analyse your performance and make informed business decisions based on this knowledge.
Knowledge Base – History The history of customs from the beginning to the present04.06.2020 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook Since people began to organize themselves in cities and states, the levying of customs duties has also been handed down. In this article you will learn more about the history of customs. Customs already
Knowledge Base – UCC and Centralised Clearance UCC and Centralised Clearance – key things you need to know28.05.2020 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook Working in the field of Customs terms like „UCC“ and „Centralised Clearance“ are on everyone's lips. In this article we would like to briefly describe what is behind it. The
Knowledge Base – Incoterms® 2020 Incoterms® 2020 – A guide to the International Commercial Terms23.01.2020 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook The new version of the Incoterms® brings with it many changes. The delivery terms issued by the International Chamber of Commerce regulate essential buyer and seller obligations in international trade, such as the
Knowledge Base – Food logistics Customs clearance of food: Three things to know10.01.2020 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook Led by globalization, people today want to enjoy a wider variety of food products. This places very high challenges on the supply chain. Food is directly related to us humans and our health and is