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Gerlach Assists with Issues on New EU Trader Portal

For just over two months, the issuance and use of a T2L or T2LF has been exclusively electronic through the PoUS system. We draw an initial balance and show specific cases in which Gerlach Customs Services actively and quickly provided assistance.

T2L and T2LF documents are important evidence in goods traffic within the European Union, serving as proof of Union status for the transported goods. A T2LF is used when the destination is within the EU customs territory, but outside its VAT area. For all other scenarios, a T2L document should be used.

These paper documents have been replaced by the electronic "Proof of Union Status" (PoUS) system as of March 1, 2024. Since this date, T2L and T2LF status certificates have been issued exclusively electronically via PoUS and referred to as T2L data or T2LF data. Access to the PoUS system is obtained through the EU Trader Portal. And this is precisely where one of our clients had problems, which we were able to quickly and efficiently solve thanks to our expertise.

What happened? The company wanted to transport papers and cardboard to San Marino (T2LSM) and recently carbon paper to Cyprus (T2L). Due to a lack of experience with the EU Trader Portal, the customer's employees could not independently carry out the electronic application and the change in the T2LSM requirement. The company then turned to Gerlach and we provided comprehensive "onboarding" and a step-by-step guide to the portal's own deposit of the representation relationship, along with granting the electronic power of attorney as a representative. In this way, we were able to promptly submit a request for a T2LSM sight note on behalf of the customer and complete the live shipment in the shortest possible time via the new portal.

A great success that could have been achieved even quicker and more efficiently with the right preparation. We therefore recommend that you create an ELSTER account for your company based on the current tax number. Additionally, you should be registered in the Customs Citizen and Business Portal. If these conditions are met and you need assistance in creating T2L/T2LF documents, feel free to contact us. We will create the necessary documents for you!

You don't have an Elster account and are not familiar with the Citizens' and Business Portal? Even then, feel free to contact us: We are here to provide advice!

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