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News & Trends – Union Transit Procedure Transit operations under the Union transit procedure (T1/T2)10.05.2022 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook For companies in the import/export/transit business and corresponding border controls by customs across now far more than a customs border, the transit procedure of the Union is no longer imaginable without. In order
News & Trends – Post Brexit Update UK postpones planned additional import controls for EU goods06.05.2022 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook The British government has done an about-face and decided not to introduce additional customs import controls on EU imports until 2024. We explain what this means for exporting companies from the European
News & Trends – UK Customs UK customs: CHIEF ends – CDS will be the new standard18.03.2022 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook Customs system changes are underway in the UK. UK imports will switch from CHIEF to CDS at the end of September 2022 and UK exports at the end of March 2023.
News & Trends – ATLAS-IMPOST Germany: New customs procedure ATLAS-IMPOST introduced02.03.2022 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook The ATLAS-IMPOST software was launched at the beginning of the year to clear imports through German customs. At the same time, extensive changes to European customs law came into force. As a result, electronic customs declarations are
News & Trends – Industrial Tariffs Switzerland Abolition of industrial tariffs in Switzerland decided25.02.2022 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook From the beginning of 2024, there will no longer be import duties on industrial products in Switzerland. This was decided by the Federal Council at the beginning of February 2022. The measure strengthens Switzerland
News & Trends – Success Story Gerlach Customs and Baxter Freight celebrate one year of successful partnership22.02.2022 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook • Gerlach Customs entered a strategic partnership with UK logistics provider Baxter Freight for joint customs clearance and freight movement in December 2020 • One year on, together they celebrate success
News & Trends – International Customs Day Digitalisation in customs26.01.2022 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook Today is International Customs Day. This day celebrates the people working in customs maintaining the flow of goods across the world’s borders. This year's theme is "Scaling up Customs Digital Transformation" – and important topic for an important
News & Trends – Post Brexit Update The Post Brexit Update from Gerlach UK – January 202218.01.2022 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook Since January 1, 2022, full customs controls apply to all movements of goods between the EU and the UK. With the new requirements, especially for transport companies but also for companies
News & Trends – Brexit Next chapter on Brexit – 3 Key things to know for 1. January 202213.12.2021 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook In this article, our Gerlach UK team would like to highlight three main things related to Brexit to be considered for January 2022. Full customs controls apply for EU
News & Trends – Intrastat Important changes for Intrastat declarations as of 1. January 20229.12.2021 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook Intrastat declarations serve to record the actual movement of goods between the Member States of the European Union. Companies must report shipments and receipts of goods centrally, in Germany to the Federal Statistical