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News & Trends – Update Netherlands Information message Temporary Storage Declaration (ATO) in the Netherlands22.06.2021 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook Customs of the Netherlands is planning to have the Container Release Message (CVB) enter into force after October 2021. This will have a major impact on all parties that are part of the
Interview - Norway Clearance Package “To have a single point of contact is both convenient and cost-efficient”09.06.2021 Norway provides great business opportunities. However, Norway is the only Scandinavian country that is not an EU member – and this affects trade. Companies from other European countries that want to export into this market face customs formalities.
News & Trends – Norway Business Customs regulations: Challenges in doing business with Norway02.06.2021 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook Norway is not a member of the European Union (EU), but it is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA). This means that transactions of goods across Norwegian borders and into or out
News & Trends – Brexit What the Brexit deal means for businesses05.02.2021 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook The free trade agreement between the UK and the EU has almost 1300 pages, including annexes. But what is in it? Here are some important points for selected industries and sectors. Trade in goods: The Trade
News & Trends – Brexit Post-Brexit scenario: What to expect after the New Year?16.12.2020 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook Three questions to Berry de Vaal, Manager Marketing and Sales in BenelUK. Berry has worked in the logistics industry for almost 30 years in several marketing and sales positions in postal&parcel companies. In this
News & Trends – EVFTA EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) enters into force10.08.2020 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook The Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) between the European Union and Vietnam is in force since 1 August 2020. It aims to simplify imports and exports for EU companies from and to Vietnam. For Vietnam itself,
News & Trends – Brexit EU and UK publish Brexit recommendations for action24.07.2020 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook The European Union and Great Britain have each published recommendations for action for the period after the Brexit transition phase. Both sides urge industry to prepare for far-reaching changes. Half a year before the economic
News & Trends – Customs seizures Customs seizures: Norway aligns with European Union15.06.2020 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook Norway introduces new rules for customs seizures of goods infringing IP rights. The new rules are expected to come into force from January 2021 and are more aligned with comparable EU rules than the current
News & Trends – ICS2 Ready for the new EU import control system ICS2?15.05.2020 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook From March 2021, the European Union will introduce a new customs programme with goods pre-declaration for safety and security. This will be supported by a large-scale information system called ICS2. You can find out
News & Trends – Fiscal representation Fiscal Representation in the Netherlands and Belgium – key things to know11.05.2020 Follow us on LinkedinFollow us on Facebook A non-resident trader supplying goods and/or services taxable in the Netherlands or Belgium must register for VAT purposes. Our expert Martien Janssen therefore advises to appoint Gerlach Customs as fiscal