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September 25, 2020

Three relevant insights when importing from China to Sweden

China is Sweden’s 5th largest source for imports. Importing goods among others consist of e.g. electrical equipment, machinery, furniture, apparel etc. Here is what you need to know when importing from China to Sweden.

According to the Embassy of Sweden approximately 10,000 Swedish companies trade with China, more than 600 Swedish companies have established presence.

Based on our daily interaction and experience with companies that are about to integrate a Chinese supplier to their portfolio or trade with Chinese companies, we can help you with insights and learnings. Let us share three major ones with you:

1. Involve Customs consultancy at an early stage

A lot of times we experience that customers forget to integrate the costs attached to Customs in their business plan. Thus, best is to involve a Customs consultant like us at very early stage in your business plan development and execution.

If you import goods from China to Sweden, you must submit an import declaration to Swedish Customs Authority Tullverket. Customs duties and other taxes will be charged. Classification and proper commodity code is needed. The customs value is normally based on the price paid to the supplier when they sold the goods to the EU, the cost of transport to the EU border, and the cost of any transport insurance.

2. Be aware of newest regulations

Some Customs related regulations might be impacting your business, but you are not aware of them.

Just a recent example on trade with China: From 1 January 2021 the existing VAT exemption for goods up to 22 € will disappear. In order to allow VAT to be levied, all imports into the EU will have to be declared at the border using an electronic customs declaration.

3. Focus on your core business

As Customs declaration is mandatory in case of importing from China to Sweden and you might not be the expert in that field, it makes more sense for you to focus on your core business and involve the experts in that field – best before you start even considering importing – gain with our Customs consultant the full transparency on your costs. And once decision is made, we can take care of the customs declarations itself.

Consultancy and Trainings are parts of our business. We lecture in Sweden at the Customs High School and are also parts on Forwarding educations. A strength of our business is that we exist and declare in all industries and different companies’ specific handling.

We implement each customer with a personal customs specialist / contact, where the customer feels safe and secure that we take control of the customer’s shipments and ensure that they are declared smoothly without any complications or delays.

Get in touch with your Customs experts in Sweden:
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Daniel Mahnken

Corporate Communication

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