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December 13, 2021

Next chapter on Brexit – 3 Key things to know for 1.1.2022

In this article, our Gerlach UK team would like to highlight three main things related to Brexit to be considered for January 2022.

  1. Full customs controls apply for EU imports on 1.1.2022:

You can no longer delay the submission of import customs declarations, as was possible under the Staged Customs Controls that applied in 2021. Most customers will have to declare their goods and pay the corresponding duties at the time of import. (see link: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/less-than-a-month-until-full-customs-controls-are-introduced)

We can expect increased Customs Checks/controls at the border starting 1. January 2022

  1. GVMS usage is mandatory starting 1.1.2022:

The goods vehicle movement service (GVMS) is a UK Government IT platform for moving goods into or out of Northern Ireland and Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales).

From 1. January 2022, every transporter is obliged to register on this platform if they transports goods from the EU to the UK under the common transit procedure (= transit document) or in transit.

Without registration in the above (Goods Vehicle Movement Service) GVMS, a carrier will NOT be able to transit the goods via any port (incl. Folkestone) in the UK using this service from January 2022. Customs will reject the vehicle upon arrival in the UK at the latest.

All ports using GVMS for goods control will then require pre-deposited declarant references which will be merged into a single Goods Movement Reference (GMR). We already know a similar procedure today with the creation of the border pass.

Transporters who have not yet registered are urgently requested to do so immediately. For this a UK EORI number is required in advance. After registration  will be received a movement reference (under www.gov.uk the steps are explained). 

  1. All products of animal origin (POAO) – for example meat, honey, milk or egg products will require an IPAFFS pre-notification.

These are three of many aspects that we think are important to consider. To understand all details and get the full picture of requirements please check the gov.uk Website. A document we highly recommend to look at is the The Border Operating Model.

We highly recommend trading companies to start the preparation, especially for transport companies being prepared on GVMS usage.

For more information around how to obtain a Government Gateway Account, get a GB EORI and register for GVMS please see:

GVMS Registrations Webinar available on YouTube Link here

GVMS Registration journey (specific for Non UK haulier) available on YouTube Link here.

This article was written by:

Daniel Mahnken

Corporate Communication

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