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Information message Temporary Storage Declaration (ATO) in the Netherlands

Customs of the Netherlands is planning to have the Container Release Message (CVB) enter into force after October 2021. This will have a major impact on all parties that are part of the logistics chain.

The CVB will only be issued if there is a match between the ATO (Temporary Storage Declaration) and the subsequent declaration. If there is no match, the declaration will be rejected immediately.

In order to prevent this, all parties in the chain have an important task: to ensure that the weights, quantities and Bill of Lading number in the import declaration correspond exactly with the data in the ATO.

It is possible that importers will also have to deal with higher clearance costs. This has to do with the number of lines stated on the B/L. Each line in the B/L will have to be arranged consecutively. This is only possible if this rule is stated in a separate item in the declaration, which results in more items in the declaration. This can be avoided by making agreements with the shipping company on how the containers will be listed on the B/L.

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