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Important changes for Intrastat declarations as of 1.1.2022

Intrastat declarations serve to record the actual movement of goods between the Member States of the European Union. Companies must report shipments and receipts of goods centrally, in Germany to the Federal Statistical Office. The Federal Statistical Office has now informed about important changes that will take effect on 1. January 2022.

The declarations for intra-trade statistics, or Intrastat declarations for short, do not have to be made for every cross-border movement. The prerequisite is that certain values of goods are exceeded: € 500,000 for dispatches to other Member States or € 800,000 for arrivals from other Member States.

However, there are now some important changes as of 1 January 2022, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office. Some of these changes have significant effects, so we ask you to prepare yourself sufficiently here.

We would like to draw your attention in particular to these two points:

  1. for shipments to other EU Member States, the country of origin of the exported goods must be declared as of the reporting month January 2022.
  2. for shipments to another member state of the European Union, the VAT identification number (VAT ID) of the recipient of the goods in the country of destination must also be declared in future.

For more information, visit the website of the Federal Statistical Office. Here you can find more information  on this topic.

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