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7 Contender House, Meridians Cross, Ocean Way, Ocean Village
SO14 3TSouthampton

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More about our customs services in Southampton:

Welcome to Gerlach Customs Services UK Limited at Southampton, a key player for businesses in need of expert customs services. Situated close to Southampton Harbour, our branch is conveniently located for observing the diverse maritime activities in the area, with a view of yachts and cruise ships frequenting the harbor.
Our Southampton office specializes in import and export declarations. We ensure that your goods pass through customs with ease, whether they're entering or exiting the UK. Our team understands the intricacies of these processes and is equipped to handle all documentation and regulatory requirements efficiently.

Why Gerlach Customs Services?

In addition to import and export services, we are skilled in managing transit declarations. This is essential for businesses moving goods through multiple customs territories, and our expertise in this area ensures smooth and compliant transit.
Moreover, our customs consultancy services are designed to provide straightforward, practical advice. We navigate the complexities of customs regulations on your behalf, offering solutions that are tailored to your business needs. This includes minimizing delays and costs, and ensuring compliance with all relevant laws.
At Gerlach Customs Services UK Limited Southampton, we prioritize efficient, reliable service. Our team is committed to supporting your business through every step of the customs process, providing the guidance and expertise necessary for successful trade and transport operations.
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