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July 27, 2020

How a Customs Control Tower increases the efficiency of your supply chain

A Customs Control Tower offers you a comprehensive overview of your customs activities. This allows you to monitor them, analyse your performance and make informed business decisions based on this knowledge.

Customs is typically associated with customs declarations and border traffic. But today’s complex supply chains increase the need for efficient customs clearance from point of departure to destination. Especially with cross-border flows of goods, it is difficult to keep track. Thanks to a central point of contact and processes that are individually adapted to the needs of the customer, the Gerlach Customs Control Tower makes customs duties incurred and the processes that are handled on behalf of the respective company transparent for Gerlach’s customers. This enables them to keep an eye on all their business activities, to view the administrative status of their goods and to make the right strategic decisions to optimise their flow of goods in terms of customs activities.

More transparency and efficiency

„A Customs Control Tower system integrated into business processes offers our customers more compliance through clearly defined processes, more transparency and new possibilities for validating data and practices,“ explains Julia Delevi-Werner, Control Tower Supervisor at Gerlach Customs. Companies that choose Gerlach’s Control Tower solution benefit from improved trade performance thanks to customs performance tracking capabilities as a basis for strategic decisions and continuous improvement. They also benefit from lower operating costs through improved collaboration and new ways to proactively manage potential problems. Ultimately, you bring your products to market faster than ever before.

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Customs Control Tower systems can collect data along the entire customs pipeline of the supply chain and output it as reports. They monitor defined milestones, identify recurring inconsistencies and help the entire company achieve the highest level of compliance with the authorities. For example, if an accompanying document is missing or does not contain relevant information, the system issues warnings and the Customs Control Tower ensures that the missing data is completed and can be used for customs clearance. Incorrect INCOTERMS or HS codes that have not been agreed are also reported to the customer, for example.

A Control Tower can do more than „just customs”

„The data and findings of a Customs Control Tower not only help our customers with customs issues. The Control Tower evaluation also adds another level of business analysis and opens up new possibilities for retrospective tracking and analysis of data“, says Delevi-Werner. With the help of graphs and tables, companies can identify discrepancies and take proactive measures to ensure compliance and optimise the flow of goods. The Customs Control Tower can support their procurement strategy and help them make informed business decisions based on customs data.

With Gerlach’s Control Tower solutions, companies that value centralised customs responsibilities and customized processes with robust KPIs have a complete overview of their goods flows. Thanks to the international transparency of the values of customs duties and taxes and customs processes that are performed on your behalf, you can make the right strategic decisions to optimise your flows of goods.

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