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November 30, 2022

Trade with USA – a third country with a lot of potential

The USA is by far the most important trading partner of the EU and also Germany. It is considered one of the most open and innovative economies in the world. With over 300 million consumers accounting for 42% of the global consumer goods market, the USA is more like a continent of its own than a single country.

For Germany, the USA is an important trading partner for both exports (1st place) and imports (3rd place) and is therefore also an interesting market for local companies.
At Gerlach, we have already been able to support companies from many sectors in their expansions to the USA by making export customs declarations to the USA or import declarations in Germany for goods from the USA.

Here we would like to briefly explain three essential aspects regarding the customs clearance of goods.

1) Third country: The USA is a third country for Germany. In terms of customs and foreign trade law, exports from Germany to the USA are therefore equivalent to any other export to a third country.

2) Tariff level: The tariff level is basically low. Exemption from customs duties is provided in the customs tariff for some products from the agricultural sector. In the commercial sector, many goods are also duty-free, for example in the areas of machinery and apparatus and electrical goods.

3) Responsible customs authority in the U.S.: Responsibilities for the regulation and monitoring of international trade in the U.S. are divided among several federal agencies. There may also be different ancillary costs depending on the state.


Taking into account all the rules and regulations, it is therefore important to submit all the required documents correctly and in detail, as well as to comply with the requirements. To ensure a smooth and time-saving process, it is recommended to hire a good and experienced customs service provider like Gerlach.

Do you have any further questions? We at Gerlach will be happy to support you!

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