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November 14, 2022

Trade in goods with Turkey: “Türkiye” instead of “Turkey” in future

The Turkish government wants only the Turkish country name to be used in foreign languages. This is also because translation errors occur time and again. We recommend that you comply with this.

Already since December 2021, the replacement of names such as “Turkey”, “Turkey” or “Turquie” by “Türkiye” has been started in Turkey. The change was officially communicated to the Secretary General of the United Nations in a letter dated May 26, and shortly thereafter the name change was confirmed on the part of the United Nations (UN).

Now, Turkey has indicated that it will use only “Türkiye” as the country name to designate its official country name in international writing with immediate effect, and this name will also be applied with respect to the relevant parts of all preferential and non-preferential certificates of origin and movement certificates when the country name is to be indicated.

The name Türkiye should also be used exclusively when issuing proofs of origin issued in the EU and in the A.TR. movement certificate.

We therefore recommend to initiate the changeover process regarding the name change in one’s own company in order not to affect the movement of goods with Turkey.

According to information from the Turkish authorities, however, the country name “Turkey” used to date will be accepted in documents until further notice during an unspecified transitional phase. Any remaining stocks of forms can therefore still be used up.

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