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Nestled strategically at the heart of Zdiby’s bustling logistics zone, mere moments from the D8 highway and the Prague Ring Road, Gerlach Customs stands as an oasis of efficiency in the complex world of international trade. Our office layout is designed for streamlined operations, promoting an environment of precision and professionalism. As the trusted partner for innumerable contractual clients, we are ideally positioned to manage your customs needs swiftly, whether your shipments are onsite, at the adjacent Mělník container transshipment, or any approved location in the vicinity. Gerlach Customs offers comprehensive customs services, tailoring solutions to the unique demands of your business. From navigating the intricate web of customs documentation to ensuring compliance with the latest regulations, our expert team is committed to facilitating a seamless and expedient customs experience for your enterprise. Choose Gerlach Customs – where impeccable service meets unmatched industry expertise.

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