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At Gerlach Customs, located in the strategic locale of Rheinfelden-Warmbach-Export, near the bustling trade routes that often divert from Basel-Weil Autobahn, we welcome our B2B customers into an environment where professionalism dovetails seamlessly with functionality. Our office is designed to foster a workflow conducive to meticulous customs consultancy, ensuring our clients navigate the complexities of international trade with ease. In this streamlined setting, our team of experts provides comprehensive services, including DE import and CH export procedures, alongside efficient transit solutions. Leveraging our local autobahn custom office's advantageous position, we specialize in serving as an alternative customs office for Basel-Weil, mitigating congestion and facilitating smoother transactions. Entrust Gerlach Customs with your customs clearance needs, and experience unparalleled service that optimizes your operations across borders.

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