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Drogowe Przejście Graniczne
22-175, Dorohusk
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More about our customs services in Dorohusk

Welcome to Gerlach Customs, your premier customs consultancy nestled directly on the border of Dorohusk. Operating round-the-clock, our agency is impeccably positioned to streamline your customs processes, ensuring a seamless flow of goods across borders. Our office layout, designed with a professional atmosphere in mind, caters to the rigorous demands of transit, import, and export clearances. With our keen expertise, we effortlessly manage remote clearances nationwide, showcasing our commitment to accessibility and convenience across Poland.

Our proficiency extends beyond local facilitation as we maintain a robust partnership with other Gerlach offices throughout Europe, amplifying our capability to handle intricate customs requirements with precision. In addition to our comprehensive clearance services, we take pride in establishing authorized customs locations directly at your property, fostering a tailored experience that minimizes disruption to your business operations. Trust in Gerlach Customs at Dorohusk to be your reliable partner for all customs-related needs, where professionalism and efficiency are at the heart of our commendable service.

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