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Discover streamlined customs solutions with Gerlach Customs, your premier customs consultancy office strategically located at Basel-Weil-Autobahn-Export, the heart of Switzerland's largest road customs office. Embrace the ease of conducting business in our impeccably designed office environment, where a team of 50 seasoned customs agents and forwarders work tirelessly to ensure your procedures are handled seamlessly. Specializing in comprehensive services that include import from Germany, export to Switzerland, and managing transit processes, Gerlach Customs leverages unparalleled expertise to navigate the complexities of customs regulations for your business. Our commitment to excellence positions us as an essential facilitator for smooth and efficient trade across borders, making us a trusted partner for businesses seeking a competitive edge in international commerce. Let Gerlach Customs be the cornerstone of your company's global expansion and gain peace of mind with our tailored, professional, and reliable customs solutions, perfected over our years of dedicated service.

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