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“To have a single point of contact is both convenient and cost-efficient”



Norway provides great business opportunities. However, Norway is the only Scandinavian country that is not an EU member – and this affects trade. Companies from other European countries that want to export into this market face customs formalities. At Gerlach Sweden we offer companies a convenient way to enter the Norwegian market: The joint Customs Clearance Package. We spoke to Malin Madsen, who works as a Customs Consultant at Gerlach Sweden, about this special service.

Gerlach: Can you please classify for us how important the Norwegian market is for Sweden?

Malin Madsen: In 2020, Norway was the second largest export market for Sweden with 10.2% of our export in total, according to Statistics Sweden. Combined with the good trade relations between Sweden and Norway, offering simple solutions for Norway is a prosperous business for any customs broker with the right prerequisites.

Gerlach: You and your colleagues in Sweden offer this special service for the Norwegian market. How are you personally connected with the solution for Norway?

Malin: I was part of the DHL Customs Brokerage team in 2009. Back then we only had one single customer for the Clearance Package, and we had to have a separate computer with its own modem connection to connect to the Norwegian Customs system. Fast forward to 2019 our Norway team is now 5 FTE’s and I got the chance to work with the project that developed an integrated the “Norway module” in our local declaration system. So I definitely feel connected to the solution, having watched it grow and become more and more integrated.

Companies face challenges in doing business with Norway
Companies face challenges in doing business with Norway but Gerlach Sweden offer a convenient service.

Gerlach: What is so special about the Norway Clearance Package?

Malin: The connection to Customs Authorities in two different countries is a special feature which we are very pleased to be able to offer our customers.

Gerlach: What are the concrete advantages for customers to use Gerlach’s solution?

Malin: To have a single point of contact for all their customs business in their trade with Norway is both convenient and cost-efficient. By using our solution, our customers get access to specialists in both Swedish and Norwegian customs formalities at the same time.

"Swedish trade with Norway is huge and constantly growing."

Gerlach: Maybe a little glimpse into the future. What do you think how business with Norway and the EU / Sweden will develop in the future?

Malin: Swedish trade with Norway is huge and constantly growing. Food and alcohol are relatively expensive in Norway and before the pandemic, Norwegians spent an estimated 28 billion SEK (approximately 2.8 billion Euro) at the shopping centers along the border. I believe we will see continued increase in e-commerce, facilitated by Swedish companies establishing themselves in Norway with a NUF (Norwegian branch of a foreign company) and the development of a more and more digitalized customs process.

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Malin Madsen Junior Customs Consultant Gerlach Customs Sweden

Malin Madsen

Junior Customs Consultant

Malin has more than 15 years of professional experience in the area of customs. She started working in customs in 2004 and has been a part of the DHL Customs Brokerage team since 2009. She is working for Gerlach Customs since the company expanded to Sweden in 2017.

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