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"Customs is like learning a new language or coding"


Bianca Bui, Trainee at Gerlach Customs
Bianca Bui, Trainee at Gerlach Customs
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When it comes to “customs”, many people first think of a boring office or the control officer at the airport. This was also the case for our trainee Bianca Bui. But when she started her apprenticeship at Gerlach, she quickly realised how varied and exciting it actually is. We talked to her about why she chose Gerlach and whether she can recommend an apprenticeship in customs at Gerlach.

Gerlach: Hi Bianca. Could you please introduce yourself? What is your background? How did you come to Gerlach?

Bianca: I am 18 years old and will complete my traineeship as a Management Assistant for Freight Forwarding and Logistic Services this year. My main focus is on customs.
I work for Gerlach in the Frankfurt office.

I came to Gerlach through my sister. She always talked enthusiastically about her work at Gerlach. That made me curious.
But I also have to say that I’ve always found the field of customs somehow fascinating and exciting. Figuratively speaking, I had the customs officers at the airport in my head who were carrying out checks.

Gerlach: How would you describe customs to interested young people? What makes it so special?

Bianca Bui, Trainee at Gerlach Customs
Bianca Bui, Trainee at Gerlach Customs

Bianca: First of all, you have to know that customs is a very complex subject. You can think of it as learning a new language or coding. You have to learn and understand many terms and definitions. My trainer and my colleagues at Gerlach helped me initially with a lot of time and patience to acquire customs knowledge. The personal transfer of knowledge and experience is very important for newcomers.
I find my work at Gerlach very versatile and exciting: I gain insights into different industries and their special features through our customers. Of course, you also learn a lot about foreign trade, existing and new trade agreements.
I can really recommend customs to newcomers. You should have respect, but not be afraid of the complexity.

Gerlach: What can companies like Gerlach do more of in the future to attract young talent?

Bianca: In essence, I think it is important to continue to focus more on digitalisation. You have to understand that my generation primarily uses online channels for all topics and questions. To give a concrete example: When I was preparing for my first job interview at Gerlach, the first step was to go on Youtube channel and watch relevant video instructions for a good interview to prepare myself.
In the field of customs, I see a lot of potential in publishing knowledge on online channels with the help of videos. I think that would help to make the subject more tangible to young people.

Gerlach: Thank you very much for answering our questions, Bianca!

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