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Three questions on Brexit – Interview with Thomas Holton, Managing Director Gerlach UK


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The Brexit continues to occupy the European economy and much is still unclear. We have discussed the possible changes with the Managing Director for Gerlach UK, Thomas Holton.

Thomas, what have Gerlach UK done to assist companies in these troubling times?

As the biggest neutral Customs Broker in Europe, Gerlach offers a wide range of services. Recently we worked with a large Chemical Company where we helped by auditing their Tariff Classifications. We were able to identify incorrect classifications and have them corrected, with a stroke of good fortune this also resulted in a large refund from HMRC.

A large Produce Company approached us to support them in them gaining AEO certification. By working closely at their site, we understood there processes and ensured they gained their AEO status at the first attempt.

"A point to note is for businesses that already have an EORI number from another member state..."

And what are some things that companies should have in place now?

Companies should already have applied for an UK Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number. A point to note is for businesses that already have an EORI number from another member state (one that does not start GB) can still continue using it for now.

Decide if you want to make declarations through a Customs Agent, and then contact Gerlach as soon as possible. You do have the choice to do this yourself, but you will need to have trained employees, ensure you are linked to the HMRC’s customs systems and for exporting, ensure you are registered for the National Export System.

Trucks waiting in line to enter the ferry to Calais in Dover.
Trucks of various logistics companies are waiting in for the ferry in the port of Dover, Great Britain.

Another option is to look at HMRC’s new Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) for Customs. This will be set up for an initial period after the UK leaves the EU, should there be no deal. This allows some flexibility on your Customs paperwork as you can transport your goods into the UK without having to make a full Customs declaration at the border, and you will be able to postpone paying your import duties.

Do you have a message for companies to offer them support?

Gerlach offers a personal service and would welcome the opportunity to be able to look at your current processes and look at ways in which we could help you reduce risk, cost and time by optimising the way you currently operate. Please do contact us here.

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Thomas Holton.

Thomas Holton

16 years of professional experience in International Customs and Trade Operations for both manufacturing and freight companies.

He´s a Trade Operations specialist with extensive experience in building slick and compliant processes for ease of use in business. Passionate about duty optimisation through using specialised Customs regimes, reviewing classification and gaining preference. Experienced in providing Risk assessments and Customs related trainings to ensure Compliance needs are met.

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