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2022 sees the current operating system CHIEF used by UK Customs will no longer be available for Import Decarations. It is to be replaced by Customs Declaration Service (CDS). The new system promises to be faster and more automated giving declarants and import parties upto date live information regarding their import transactions.

Here at Gerlach UK we have set the wheels in motion and begun our road to CDS in 2021 when we chose our own operating system with CDS in mind. Since then we have built a CDS Project Team who have developed informative documentation and presentations to help get you on YOUR road to CDS. Training our staff to grow our knowledge of CDS testing multitude of scenarios to help ease your transition to the new system.

So we at Gerlach are the best contact for you when it comes to importing to UK. Before contacting us, please download the CDS Pack for Direct representation on the right.
Gerlach can also provide In-direct representation, please contact us for further information.

Please see the links below to the CDS presentations developed by Gerlach to get you behind the wheel.

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How Gerlach helps you on the road to CDS(Customs Declaration Service)

How you can prepare


Download the Gerlach CDS Pack

If you wish Gerlach to navigate you through the road to CDS please feel free to download our CDS Pack. Within this pack is our new CCA form, guidance sheet and informative fact sheets. For us to complete your declarations efficiently please complete and return the CCA form to our dedicated email: [email protected]


Get to know what is required

Gerlach have prepared informative fact sheets which can be found in the CDS pack but also helpful interactive presentations to further detail and guide you through the new requirements for CDS. These can be found via the links above or why not give our Linkedin page a follow for upto date information.


Contact Gerlach Customs

We are behind the wheel, the driving force on not only our road to CDS, but YOUR road to CDS. Gerlach have a dedicated CDS Project Team, let the team inform and guide you, new or existing customers can take advantage of the knowledge and experience Gerlach has.

Please see how Gerlach have/are preparing themselves for the CDS road ahead in the next topic.

How we have had prepared ourselves

  • Dedicated CDS Project Team (over a 100 years combined experience)
  • Working alongside HMRC
  • An operating system built purposely for CDS
  • All Staff receiving in-depth training and testing
  • Pro-actively keep you and our staff upto date via documentation/presentations/social media

Our CDS Solutions

Customs Brokerage

Reach out to us for all your customs requirements as soon as possible and we will endeavour to support your business needs through these uncertain times. We will do this by working with you using your current traffic to ensure we understand your business thereby enabling a smooth transition.

Customs Consultancy

Our Customs Consultants support you analyze your supply chain, identify possible risks within the framework of Brexit and present you with solutions.

Your Road to CDS Presentations

We help your teams with relevant knowledge regarding CDS – our presentations will help you to gain understanding and clarity about CDS.

Get in touch with us!

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